App Of The Week: Cashflow The Game

*If you are an iPhone user, I am very sorry but this app is not available on the IOS store 🙁

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. “Jessy how can you recommend a video game on a website about finance?” Well, this game is no ordinary game. In fact, it reminds me of Monopoly quite a bit. The point of the game is to exit the rat race and pursue your dream. That’s the goal of society as it stands now. We work hard, retire at 65, live our dreams and then die, right? Wrong! This shouldn’t be your ultimate goal in life. Do you really wanna live until 65 and spend your 20’s and 30’s working your booty off? Do you want to be stuck at a job you hate because if you lose it your retirement goes out the door? Well if you answered no, good! This app teaches you how valuable saving money is and all the opportunities you lose if you do not have assets available. It teaches you how easy it is to retire if you have less expenses, even as a janitor or fast food worker! I highly recommend you play this with any friends, kids and anyone you really care about. This app really has a lot of power for you and your family!

You can download it here:

Set Up

So it is pretty easy to set up. Start by installing the app from the link above or searching Cashflow in the Google Play App Store

Once the app is installed you can either play with your friends offline by touching the robots to make them humans

Or you can play with the computer and challenge yourself.

After you set up the game you will be assigned an imaginary job that dictates how much you make every time you get paid and your allocated debts/expenses. You are give the option to choose your dream opportunity(for me it’s the stock market for kids).

Once you choose your dream opportunity you are allowed your first roll. If you land on a green space you are given the choice between a big deal and a small deal.

If you land on the smaller lighter blue spaces they offer unique opportunities in game.

If you land on the darker blue spaces they are one time expenses that affects your cash on hand.

If you land on the lower right hand dark purple space you have to pay a full set of expenses and lose two turns (ouch).

If you land on the upper right hand dark purple space you get a new baby! However, it increases your expenses.

If you land on the orange space you can donate to charity which in turn gives you two dice instead of one.

How To Exit The Rat Race

The whole point of this game is to teach you how to exit the rat race, so, how do you do it in the game? Your CASH FLOW(get it?) has to be more than your expenses. You can do this by buying houses or condos/apartments and retaining them for cash flow or buying businesses with high cash flow. You can also help accomplish this by paying down your expenses. Raising cash can be done by buying and selling stocks, selling your houses, condos or apartments. There is all kinds of ways to accomplish this but the point is that the game teaches you how important it is to retain assets that make money and have value in the future. It also teaches you how some assets can be a steal and some assets can be a waste of your cash. This game pumps me up to make some money!

Once You Exit The Rat Race

Once you exit the rat race the rest is just really extra. If you are good, you can exit the rat race within 10 turns or less(if you’re lucky under 5).

Now your goal is to achieve the dream you picked out before but now you aren’t given these small deals, they are all huge assets that pay big money(welcome to the big leagues).

I don’t wanna ruin how good it feels to win but it should make you feel a little better if you do because, although it is simplified, this game gives you a layout of how to financially secure your future or you and your family’s future.

The bottom line is: BUY ASSETS AND DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY. Easier said than done obviously. Either way, this game can be an amazing way to teach your kids or friends how to set financial goals or sprout ideas to further their financial situation. Hopefully this brings some value to your life and if you have any questions or comments you can send me a message at . Thank you for reading, have a great Sunday!


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