I think everyone in life has a time in their life when things get hard. When you fall over and over and it feels like you cannot stand up. When it seems like you are about to ring the bell… don’t. I know this might seem weird to come from a financial blog but it needs to be said. When life is the hardest that means you are so close to breaking the trend, to getting a piece of the pie or to getting the carrot on the stick. So lace up your boots, roll up your sleeves and slam the hammer. That is what we did the last week here at Financial Foundry.

We are working with lots of new and exciting platforms and new trading strategies that can help accelerate your savings goals. Wall Street Bets (WSB) is setting a flame to Wall Street with its new digs every week. So the pattern seems to be, beat WSB and predict the market. We will get back to you as soon as possible with more complex and less complex strategies. Not only are we going to publish more often now, we are going to be outlining the week to come. Stay tuned for updates.


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