Swing Traders Picks Feb 7

*Disclaimer: The trades listed here are prospective and any losses cannot be attributed to the writers of thefinancialfoundry.com’s or thefinancialfoundry.com as an entity or Financial Foundry LLC. Use the stock picks at your own discretion


The purpose of this section is to provide the readers of this blog prospectus pick(s) for the coming trading week. It is important to note that these picks, as all stocks, are prone to maniplualtion, news events and other outstanding market conditions.


The goal of this blog is to provide a daily increase of 1% or a weekly increase of 5%. At this rate any trader could expect to retire within 2 years or less depending on the starting balance. As a business entity this satisfies our goal, which is to provide to its customers adequate trades to return a higher rate than the broad market (10%).


The strategy we plan to implement follows three rules:

1.) Enter and exit prices remain solidified so as not to be disturbed

2.) These are swing trades, meaning they should last more than a day and less than a couple weeks or months

3.) stop losses and trailing stops should be implemented to save traders income

Feb 7 Picks



LFVN provides a good set up. The simple moving average just broke the 20 day line but is still well below the 50 day line and 200 day line. The debt/equity ratio also implies that this company is not in a compromised position not is it in an ideal scenario either. The performance implies a recent up tick while zooming out implies that this stock is capable of being a catalyst in the coming days. Target Price is well above current market price as well as the short float being quite small which backs up claims of stabalization for the company. The RSI implies that this company is relatively in the middle among investors for being over or under valued. The ATR gives us the ability to predict the best enterance for our money as well as a trailing stop. If the stock opens lower take the share price opened at -0.10$ for the enterance price. If the stock opens higher take the share price opened at -0.06$ for the enterance price. If the stock price opens up even or within a few cents of the last closing price, take the share price opened at -0.08$ for enterance price. The trailing stop should be set to 0.20$ for the stock. The stop price should be set at -0.20, while the stock should be sold at +0.50$-$1.00 range. The time this should be held is between 3-5 days.

Wrap Up

To be honest this is our third week back into the market so we are looking forward to the results. The results will be posted weekly of our profits. As it stands now the market remians very bullish and a broad market investment would rake in approximately 20-30% return this year. Here’s to the new Super Bowl Champs, the Buccaneers and to a returning victor, Tom Brady! Lets have a good productive week folks.


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