January Financial Statements

When I first started this blog (2 weeks ago) I wanted to do personal income updates, so I could show the people that this process actually makes money. The validity of this website and this business rests on our ability to provide meaningful, fast and easy ideas to make money. We are aware that we are microscopic compared to other finanically available options on the web but the difference is (at this point in pur business plan) that we are 100% free and completely ad free. If you follow this blog it would be awesome to leave a comment or send us an email explaining how we can help. Anyhow, here are the financial statements for last week.

The Report For January

January’s Financial Report

This Financial document is a representation of Financial Foundry LLC’s entire profits. Below I will highlight each section.


It is already highlighted in previous blogs how we make an efficient income on 1 hour a day from survey sites:

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These sites include SwagBucks, InboxDollars and Google Opinion Rewards. The strategy remains the same for the coming month and the goal remains 5$/day. Our goal was 5$/day for January and the total was 170$ so we beat expected earnings by 15$, beating it by 8.8%.


Mturk is a crowd sourcing platform that once again we have already covered in full on how to become an efficient earner:

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The strategy in large part should remain in-tact, however, we may be venturing into other options available for crowd sourcing to add to our profitability for this source. We are looking at making the goal for this category 15$/day which would be a 5$/day increase and 140$/month increase in income from 280$/month to 420$/month. Last month we made 428$ which beat expected earnings in this category by 140$, beating it by 33%+.

Swing Trades

We had a lot going on this month here at Financial Foundry LLC and while that is no excuse, we didn’t spend a lot of time scowering the market. But, we are slowly easing back into trading as a side hustle. It can be, the most fulfilling side hustle. As of now, we have an ongoing blog that we hope to close out in the next week based on trading. More on that in the insights portion. The goal for this sector was to make 0$ on the startup month and we made 42$ beating expectations by 42$.

Other Ventures

This portion includes all sorts of crazy side gigs and financial endeavors. From Dscout to selling plasma these ventures paid for 100% of the owners expenses. However, this category still comes with expectations though. We expected to make 1$/day and in total 31$ this month. Surprisingly, last month this area made us the most money coming in at 644$ for January! That is beating expectations by 613$ or 2077%. Wow!


In total we expected 380$ in profit but have made a realized 1285$ in profit. That is beating earnings by 905$ or 338.15% We worked very hard this month but expect to work smarter not harder next month. Cannot wait to see where we stand in the coming months but at this rate we could make approximately 15,420$/year in extra income. Even with taxes that exponentially could reduce time to retirement. As we refine these strategies we look to reduce time ajd increase earnings for you and us. The following segment will highlight the things we hope to venture more in the next month.

February Expectations

Moving forward we hope to increase our ability to produce assets and/or reduce expenses. This month I am hoping to finish and publish my new book. It is an all inclusive book om how to quickly make as much as possible for anyone with a internet connection and a hustle spirit as well as how to retire before 40. Be on the lookout for it! We also are looking into a new crowd sourcing site for revenue as well as another survey site. We will increase our expectations on earnings and venture more into trading. We have been trading for 3.5 years total and 2 very profitably but I wanted to take a couple months off to find valid sources of income. Aside from that we will be on the lookout for other opportunities to advise you on.

That is it for our monthly report and we hope this gives you good insight on how the operations of this company runs. Have a goodnight and I hope to see you tomorrow in Stock Market For Beginners Part 4!


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