AMC: Where My Apes At

To anyone new I want to say, welcome to the site and for returning readers I appreciate you.

What Happened Today?

Well, we went up 10%+. Aside from that we realized that the short interest is rising which puts the pressure on hedge funds. Earnings comes out on Thursday possibly?!?! The price closed at $9.18 per share.

Tomorrow’s Possible Outcome

So, in my opinion if this stock can increase in price during a red day it would bring more investors to the stock increasing volume and share price even if it is only short term.

However if rhe market is red tommorow and this declines the outcome can be rather grim. It is possible that if the price dips too much that it can be a crucially negative outcome for this stock on a red day. The reason? To continue the infinite gamma squeeze and then the big squeeze we need this price to continually go up gradually. This ensures hundreds of thousands of call options end ITM (in the money). If this goes down more than 2 dollars this can end the rally quick. Expected dips are going to happen and hedge funds will use red days to accelerate price devaluation.

If it remains a green day in the market this can help boost the stock due to algo and investor confidence. I expect hedges to ladder attack this less on green days and save ammunition for red days for the reasons above. Regardless if we get a green day tomorrow we can see something similiar to yesterday but a little less in share price increase.

Keys To Success

-Volume needs to increase

-People need to Hold stock

-We need to end over 9 or 10 this week

-Sentiment must remain hopeful

Price Prediction Tomorrow

-If futures are green and we have other catalyst $11

-If futures are green $10

-If futures are red $9.5

-If futures are red and this stock doesn’t out perform over 2% of the market by lunch time $8.7

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