Side Hustling


Do you feel as if every week you barely get by? Or maybe is it that you want to make some extra cash to further your investment portfolio? Or maybe you are one of the rare ones that makes enough to max out your yearly contributions on your 401k but want to earn extra Benji’s to further a personal investment account. Or maybe you just want beer money? Either which way, don’t worry we got you. Making money on the side is what we know best here at The Financial Foundry. We have a lot of time and energy devoted to these things. I want to inform you on all the ways that can and cannot make money and especially what is a waste of time and what is worth your time. Lets dig in!

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Financialy Savvy Spiderman (Jessy Padgett)

Part 1’s answer: You found it!

x=4x(the sum of days in the month we met in Bali in 2018+244)

Part 2

There is a place we like to talk but in that place you can broadcast your voice. Find it.